Costs & Payments

While we strive to keep the overall costs of getting your trophies home to a minimum - it must be realised that excellent service comes with a price. However we promise to maintain a very competitive pricing structure and ensure the quality is not compromised. We do charge a standard price, however, if there are extra items to add such as tanning or curios, then there are additional costs to consider.

Included in your packing costs
• Receiving and storing all trophies;
• Packing and crating of trophies to International standards;
• Obtaining all documentation ( CITES Export permits) for export;
• Periodical updates on trophy shipment status;
• Fumigation of trophies and crates;
• Delivery of trophy crates to our shipping agent.

Not included
• Shippers doumentation;
• Actual transportation of trophies to home country;
• Any transit permits.
• Tanning of hides (ie elephant skin).
• CITES Tags.

Andy Hunter with a great old dagga boy

Please contact us for a quote for packing your trophies.

We use a well - tried and trusted shipping agent  and transit agent in South Africa as part of our networking structure and they are also committed to excellent service that has been proved time and time again.  Shipping costs are based on a volume/metric weight or a gross weight and the prices vary with different freight carriers. We will obtain the best rates for our clients possible.

Please understand that airlines delays and flight schedules are beyond our control and certain times of the year space for cargo is limited but we will continue working with airline agents to get trophies transported as timeously as possible. The shipper will contact the client directly for the shipping cost estimates just when trophies are ready to depart Zimbabwe.

Payments can be made directly through your Hunting Outfitter at the end of your safari or directly to us at:
Chipitani Safari Company
8 Rivonia Drive
Mount Pleasant Harare Zimbabwe

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